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#JPN national anthem is performed in beautiful acapella choral voice as we look towards Tokyo 2020! #ClosingCeremony pic.twitter.com/ifBDpcQX8S — Rio 2016 (@Rio2016_en) August 22, 2016 The flame is out Rio 2016 #OlympicGames ends with confetti and a firework show! It … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW? #Badminton is the fastest racket sport, with shuttles clocking up speeds in excess of 200mph. #fact pic.twitter.com/4NdFLnktMt — Badminton England (@BadmintonEnglnd) August 10, 2016 http://vp0.ifrype.com/video/895/970/v1/419895970.mp4 Killer weights!!Band squats,cleans, squats,Barbell press, split squats, good mornings 15reps X4 ??? … Continue reading

Par Rio olimpiskajām spēlēm

Christoph Harting #GER takes #GOLD in the men's discus!! His only goal was to make the final!! #Athletics pic.twitter.com/H7aE6UWBOf — Rio 2016 (@Rio2016_en) August 13, 2016 Kim Brennan wins #AUS's first rowing #GOLD in 8 years in the women's single … Continue reading